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Your foot and ankle specialists.

In our podiatry clinic, we assist our valued patients with foot and ankle pain. We also specialise in foot skin and nail care. An assessment of your overall foot and lower limb health will be provided.

This Foot Health Assessment is particularly important for children, those undertaking running or other sports and for individuals with existing conditions such as Arthritis or Diabetes.

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Active Health Podiatry

Your CROYDON foot and ankle specialists

Our Podiatrists in Croydon help patients with any concerns regarding their feet and ankles.
Keeping them active and comfortable on their feet is what we do best. 

Podiatrists Croydon


Our podiatry clinic is located at 236 Maroondah Highway, Croydon. On the corner of Croydon Rd and Maroondah Highway.

Our premises is easy accessible by  car with easy parking on site accessible via the Croydon Rd slip lane. The car park features a disabled parking space.

We are wheelchair accessible, and ground floor so you don't have to worry about climbing any steps!  

Book your podiatry appointment by calling (03) 8370 2356.




Your story is important to us, and to your successful feet or ankle pain treatment. 
We are a family business and have created a positive environment for care.




Our appointment times are longer than average. We want to answer all of your questions, and ensure you leave with clarity. Our podiatry focus is based on positive steps forward to recovery.




Our Podiatrist's are experienced, and up to date with current evidence based Podiatric care. We will provide individually tailored treatment options. Your input is essential.


A Family Podiatrist At The Heart Of Croydon

Here at Active Health Podiatry, we pride ourselves in providing a family Podiatry service in Croydon, and for residents in surrounding suburbs.
Our clinic focuses on delivering comprehensive treatment for you and your family. When it comes to any foot or ankle pain, it always helps to seek an expert opinion. We strive to provide just that, as well as effective treatment for patients looking for a reliable Podiatrist in Croydon and the surrounding suburbs.

We keep in mind that healthy, strong and comfortable feet are crucial in enabling a person to keep up with life’s different occasions.
Being experts in foot and ankle health, we understand how a vast number of conditions can possibly affect the lower limb and foot.


Meet Daniel Walsh - Our Main Podiatrist

Led by our principal podiatrist Daniel Walsh, all our podiatrists possess the right training and experience to address any foot and ankle complaints that you may have.
You can trust in our ability to effectively assess, diagnose, and create an effective and individually tailored management plan.

We place great pride in providing tailored care. It is crucial that your management plan reflects your goals.

It is important to us that you leave your consultation with greater understanding, a positive outlook, and a solid plan for treatment.


Follow our principal Podiatrist, Daniel Walsh, as he answers common questions, provides expert tips, and useful information on various conditions of the foot and ankle.


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